Review: Julie Davies Flowerstart

Last month I completed Julie’s four week course: Flower Arranging for Busy Mums and today I have put my skills to the test by making a floral tribute for my Auntie Eileen who passed away recently.  I know it’s not a patch on a floral arrangement you would buy from a florist, but the important thing is that it has been made with love and with Eileen’s favourite colours.  I’ve included some bought British flowers, some flowers and greenery from my own garden, a couple of silk hydrangeas that were in Eileen’s front room, and tucked in amongst them, is a tissue, as Eileen never went anywhere without one.


I’ve also made my own little arrangement at home using flowers from Eileen’s garden, in her 1930s Sylvac vase.  It’s displayed on her Queen Anne table which, as you can see, now has pride of place in my hall.


Thanks Julie for getting me to this level of confidence!

This is a perfect course for people who are time strapped and cannot attend a weekly class.  I can’t believe how much I was able to learn online and with Julie’s support.

The great thing for me was the video step by step guides, followed up by one to one tuition to know how to improve for next time.

I am a keen gardener, so plants are in my blood anyway, but this has really reignited my passion for flowers and encouraged me to bring them indoors!  I find myself going round the garden and thinking ‘that would look good in a vase’.  Also, my vase collection has expanded massively as I cannot pass a charity shop without picking up another!

I recommend this to anyone with even a passing interest in flowers as it will change the way you look at them forever.




59 thoughts on “Review: Julie Davies Flowerstart

  1. Dear Christine, it’s heart warming to hear how much you enjoyed my online flower arranging classes, and that they’ve gained enough confidence to give your Auntie Eileen a very personal send off. Your story is inspiring. Long may you continue to enjoy your garden and your flower arranging x

  2. Your arrangements look lovely my sister made some a while back and I said I would try but never got round to it this has just reminded me so thank you

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