Feel Good Challenge with Highland Spring

Highland Spring is on a mission to encourage healthy hydration. Because when you’re 100% hydrated, you’re much more likely to be on top of your game – mentally, physically and emotionally.  I was asked if I’d like to take part in the feel good challenge and of course, I said yes!

For me, as a heart attack survivor, it is vital that I stay properly hydrated not only because it reduces the number of premature atrial contractions that I get, but it keeps my energy levels up.  I’ve learned this from experience and if my heart is playing me up, the first question I ask myself is: have I drunk enough water today?  If not, I top up immediately.


Green tea, herbal tea and good old PG all count towards the two litres I drink a day, but  most important of all, is plain water, just as nature intended.  I know some people don’t like to drink unadulterated water, but luckily I enjoy it: iced, lukewarm, sparking or still – any will do.

During my spa break last month there was huge emphasis on hydration: we were encouraged  to drink water and herbal teas – there were jugs of water provided, topped up with fruit or cucumber: delicious.


Research shows that 66% of Brits don’t feel they always drink enough water on a daily basis so Highland Spring have provided some top tips on how to keep hydrated and feel good.

Did you know?

•         Drinking water can make you happier: brain scans show that when you’re properly hydrated the parts of your brain associated with anger, fear and alertness are de-activated.

•         Lots of us visit the doctors for fatigue each year, when actually the problem could be due to dehydration. Keeping hydrated can help give you the energy you need!

•         When you’re hydrated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. It’s much easier for your body to pump blood through the blood vessels to muscles

•         Staying hydrated before and during exercise helps avoid cramp. Hydration levels are affected by how long and how hard you are exercising, so if you are sweating or in a warm environment you might need to drink more than usual

For my personal challenge, I decided to have water with me on the go at all times.   Not difficult as it’s easy to slip a small bottle of water into your handbag, or fill up a re-usable water bottle for the gym.  I’ve also been taking a small bottle in my pocket for my weekly country walk.

Do you think you could find a way to add some extra water into your life?








22 thoughts on “Feel Good Challenge with Highland Spring

  1. I feel so much better when I make sure I get enough water. Right now my fluids are either coffee or wine, so I’m pretty sure I’m not getting enough, lol! A very well written post, this, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and you’ve encouraged me. Tomorrow I shall up my game and make sure to drink more water!

  2. I can truly say that when my water intake is high even my mental health is affected in a positive way, not to mention my energy levels, my skin and health! I need to start drinking more again so thanks for the post 🙂 xx

  3. Drinking water definitely makes me happier. I am always so grumpy if I am dehydrated, so I always have a bottle of water with me.

  4. I definitely notice when I drink more water my overall health feels better and I really should up my water consumption at the moment because I know I’m not drinking enough! Thanks for the post and the reminder to drink more xx

  5. Carrying a bottle of water around in your pocket is a brilliant way to up your daily intake!
    I’ve recently started slimming world so have switched all my sugary, milky drinks to water ( 0 calories!) it has made me feel amazing.

  6. I’m lucky too, l love water and so does my little boy. I feel in general though that people don’t drink anywhere .ear enough.

  7. I always try to drink as much water as I can, I always feel better for it and my skin even looks better! Its definitely magic that stuff!

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