What to Buy In Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is a bit of a shopper’s paradise – especially if you like lots of colour and a bit of boho.  Rhodes was one of the ports of call on our Med cruise with Celebrity and as we have been here before, we decided on a shopping day.

I loved these colourful slippers but didn’t think they would translate too well in rainy Cheshire, so left them where they were.


There were rugs and lanterns galore and unlike Turkey, there is no pressure to buy and no-one following you round the shop (I hate that – I am so British!).  I’d loved to have stuffed one of those lanterns in my bag, but as we were restricted to 22g luggage allowance it was a no go.

DSCN1466 (2).JPG

I made a bee-line for the apothecary though and bought some natural soap, plus some locally sourced juniper essential oil (Juniperus communis).  If I can, I always hunt out essential oils on my travels to add to my collection.  Greece is such a great place to pick up natural products, in particular, those made with olive oil.

DSCN1470 (2).JPG

I was quite taken with these ceramic beads which are made by a designer in Athens.  I thought they were quirky and colourful. A bit of fun to match a summer dress.

DSCN1472 (2).JPG

I loved the look of these sea sponges, but hesitated to buy as I was unsure if they had been ethically harvested.  If I had asked the owner, I’m sure they would have said yes, but I would have to be sure.


Overall, we had a great shopping experience and a lot of fun just looking.




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