Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil: Review


I was interested to try this facial oil from Indie Lee as I’d never heard of ‘squalane’.  The Indie Lee website describes its use as follows: Protects your skin from ultraviolet rays and moisturizes to prevent dryness and chapping which results in a finer, more textured skin. Squalane oil is also an excellent carrier of additional nutrients because it penetrates the dermis layer much more deeply than other topical creams.

Further googling tells me that squalane is an organic compound, derived, in this case, from olives, which according to Wikipedia is a natural and vital part of the synthesis of all plant and animal sterols including cholesterol, steroid hormones, and vitamin D in the human body.

I took it on holiday to use as a night time moisturiser.  I always use a facial oil at night and textures tend to vary across products.  This one is beautifully light and a pleasure to use – ideal for use in a hot climate.  It’s unscented and if I was using it at home I would be tempted to add a drop of rose, or neroli, or maybe frankincense to send me off to sleep.

I’m always on the lookout for beautiful natural products and I think this one is a keeper!  The packaging is really attractive too – I like the clean simple lines and the glass bottle.  Of course this means I’ll have to try out some of the other products in the range now, so watch this space!


Codage No 01 Serum Review


I have mature, dry skin, so I was very pleased to win this serum to review from Look Fantastic.

From the Codage website description it sounded perfect for my skin.

SERUM N°01 is a powerful formula especially formulated to care for and comfort dry and dehydrated skin. Its extra rich composition provides the skin with intense nourishment, in depth and on the surface, making it softer, suppler and more resilient. Soothing active ingredients and a powerful blend of antioxidants help prevent sensitivity and redness, while strengthening the skin’s natural defences and improving its integrity. Skin is left soft and perfectly moisturized.

The first time I used it I thought I could detect a chemical smell, though strangely, I didn’t notice it again.  I also initially felt that it was a bit sticky but as I don’t often use a serum I assumed this was the norm.

The 5ml bottle lasted me a month and the results, I have to say, have been pretty good.  My skin was plumped and glowing and felt very soft to the touch.  My problem area is around the neck and to be honest, at 53, I’m not expecting a beauty product to make the slightest difference to the sagging, and this was no exception.

Would I use it again?  Yes.  I liked the results and that’s what matters.  If I could change anything, I’d like it to have a fragrance, as one of the things I enjoy about using beautiful products is the feeling of wellbeing you get from the scent.  I was craving a rose or neroli aromatherapy hit!








Fifty Plus Skincare: My Current Regime

My skin is pretty good but I do need help these days to keep the moisture in and keep the wrinkles at bay.


I start with Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash.  I love the smell and my face feels much cleaner with a wash than with a creamy cleanser.  When I first put it in the bathroom, the contents were disappearing alarmingly fast until my husband mentioned ‘that nice smelling hand wash’.  He’s now not allowed to steal it unless washing his face!

Next I apply Environ Super Intensive Moisturiser from Skinaddict. This is reassuringly thick and non perfumed.  Ideal for the winter months.  Interestingly my husband has also been stealing this and his acne rosacea has improved considerably.

DSCF1203 - Copy

I’m trying out Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster which I apply after moisturising.  It came in a Birchbox last year and I’ve only just got round to trying it.  The jury is still out because it has a peculiar orange smell and is quite sticky.  I’ll persevere for a bit longer to see if it makes any difference to my jawline and neck.

Finally, for daytime, I’m using Caudalie SOS Morning Eye Rescue as I’ve noticed that the skin under my eyes is darker than it used to be. This has a nice light formula and is easily absorbed and fragrance free.  It doesn’t cause any problems with my contact lenses either.

At bedtime I really love to use an oil as my skin feels dry by the end of the day.  My current favourite is Saaf Organic Ultimate Moisture Face Serum which smells divine.  Because using a facial oil has been part of my bedtime routine for so long, I’m sure it puts my brain into sleep mode.

With spring on the way, I’ll be updating my regime and would love to hear what other fifty plus ladies are using.