What to Buy In Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is a bit of a shopper’s paradise – especially if you like lots of colour and a bit of boho.  Rhodes was one of the ports of call on our Med cruise with Celebrity and as we have been here before, we decided on a shopping day.

I loved these colourful slippers but didn’t think they would translate too well in rainy Cheshire, so left them where they were.


There were rugs and lanterns galore and unlike Turkey, there is no pressure to buy and no-one following you round the shop (I hate that – I am so British!).  I’d loved to have stuffed one of those lanterns in my bag, but as we were restricted to 22g luggage allowance it was a no go.

DSCN1466 (2).JPG

I made a bee-line for the apothecary though and bought some natural soap, plus some locally sourced juniper essential oil (Juniperus communis).  If I can, I always hunt out essential oils on my travels to add to my collection.  Greece is such a great place to pick up natural products, in particular, those made with olive oil.

DSCN1470 (2).JPG

I was quite taken with these ceramic beads which are made by a designer in Athens.  I thought they were quirky and colourful. A bit of fun to match a summer dress.

DSCN1472 (2).JPG

I loved the look of these sea sponges, but hesitated to buy as I was unsure if they had been ethically harvested.  If I had asked the owner, I’m sure they would have said yes, but I would have to be sure.


Overall, we had a great shopping experience and a lot of fun just looking.



Port Guide: Messina, Sicily

We visited Sicily earlier this month as part of our Mediterranean cruise with Celebrity.  The approach via the Messina Strait was gorgeous, even though it started at 7 a.m. and I was still in my PJs.  Still, it gave us a great excuse to chill out with breakfast on the balcony.


We disembarked mid morning as we had no specific plans for the day, instead, choosing to wander the streets and discover hidden gems.  One such gem was the Chiesa di Santa Maria Alemanna.


This is not the biggest church in Messina, nor the most famous, but for me, the Moorish style architecture made it a winner.  It reminded me of the Mesquita in Cordoba which we visited in spring.


There were virtually no other tourists visiting, so obviously it was not on everyone’s radar.   The main church, Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani is huge and dominates the main square.  Very grand!



We stopped for an espresso in a back street café and enjoyed a leisurely half hour watching the world go by.


The architecture of the city is amazing – all pastel colours and shabby chic styling.  Certainly not what we expected and much more beautiful too.



I’m a sucker for a bit of peeling paint!


Mykonos with Celebrity Reflection

Shopping Mykonos
Clothes shopping, Mykonos

Mykonos, our second port of call on our Celebrity Reflection Mediterranean cruise is a simply stunning island.  In the narrow streets, every turn you make presents a photo opportunity.  White walls, blue doors, fantastic shopping opportunities.  We even came across Petros, the resident pelican who is very friendly and allowed me to tickle his head.  I thought I’d just share a few photos with you.

Blue door, Mykonos


DSCN1448 (2).JPG
Windmills Mykonos


Petros the pelican, Mykonos

We only had a few hours so we jumped on the local ferry from the ship to the town, then just immersed ourselves in the streets and had a fabulous Greek lunch washed down with Mythos beer.



Celebrity Reflection: Eastern Med Cruise

Back from our ten day cruise in the Eastern Med on the 126000 tonne Celebrity Reflection and I have so much to tell you I don’t know where to begin!  I’m not going to offer a traditional review of the ship and the ports as you can get all that on Cruise Critic. What I am going to offer is a personal insight into our experience with posts on destinations, food, our favourite hangouts on the ship, fashion and anything else that springs to mind!  I hope you will enjoy reading the upcoming blog posts over the next few days!


As you can see, she is a massive floating hotel and it’s fair to say we have been indulged and cossetted from the moment we boarded in Civitavecchia.

This is a quick overview of ports:

  • Civitavecchia Italy
  • Messina, Sicily
  • Mykonos
  • Kusadasi, Turkey
  • Rhodes
  • Santorini
  • Piraeus, Greece
  • Naples

Just a few pictures for starters – I took so many!

Messina: the most gorgeous architecture


Naples: the scruffiest, but full of character


Mykonos: the prettiest place

Steve in Mykonos


Holiday Shoes: Fifty Plus Style

I’m an unashamed shoe lover and have a pair for every occasion.  I wrote earlier this month about my resolution to get my travel mojo back and of course, I’ll need the right shoes for the job!  These are some of my travel choices.

Malaga Winter Break


We’re off to Malaga next month for a sightseeing break, so I’m packing comfy shoes.  No dressing up in the evening means casual chic with these nude suede Chelsea boots from M&S which go beautifully with jeans and any top.  The gold pumps are from JD Williams* and will be perfect for days out as they’re cushion soft, but sturdy, plus I love a bit of bling in the daytime for holidays!

Girls In New York


I’m really excited about my girls only trip to NYC in April and I think I’ve chosen the perfect shoes for the trip (although there’s sill time to acquire another pair).  I’m starting with red suede Chelsea boots from M&S which will give my evening outfits a bit of an edge, while ensuring that I can walk in comfort.  I’m just loving my Clarks calfskin walking shoes – I used to have shoes like these with seams on the outside, at sixth form and as soon as I saw them I knew they were coming home with me.  We’re going to be walking miles in NYC, but I still want to be stylish and I’m not a fan of trainers outside the gym.  These will go with my holiday colour scheme of black, grey and red. Finally, the sparkly pumps are an essential for slipping your feet into something comfy at the end of a long day when you just want to pop downstairs to the hotel bar for a quick nightcap.  I aim to always pack a pair of soft pumps in my bag wherever I go.  I’d like to be telling you that these are Pretty Ballerinas, but they are cheapies from New Look.  They do the job though!

Cruising The Eastern Med with Celebrity


I wrote recently about getting back on the ocean wave, so this is where glamour really comes into its own.   Cruising means dressing up to the nines, so enter my fierce stiletto Carvelas.  These are fabulous and (nearly) comfortable.  The calfskin pumps will be perfect for scooting round the ship during the day.  I bought these in a fantastic shoe shop in Malaga – they are super soft and were reassuringly expensive!

So this is my new year resolution illustrated by shoes!  JD Williams have some great shoes for taking you to where you want to be for 2016.  Take a look at the link here for some ideas.

*this is a collaborative post