A Summer Night: Fifty Plus Style


We’ve just spent a blissful few days in Bardolino on Lake Garda, Italy. No sightseeing, just getting away from it all.  On Tuesday night we went to the opera so I chose a pretty frock from Debenhams Collection and my trusty white linen jacket from M&S.  The weather was scorching, so the jacket was surplus to requirements really.

The dress is one of my charity shop buys – it cost me a fiver and no doubt after a couple of wears it will go back for someone else to stumble across it.  That’s the beauty of charity shops.  You can shop guilt free, have lots of different outfits, then give them all back at the end of it to make room for more!  I never tire of it and happily spend hours browsing.  I also don’t give a monkey’s about who owned it before, or any potential stigma attached to second hand.  To me, a charity shop is like a dressing up box: just full of sartorial opportunity! This dress actually came with matching green strappy shoes, but no way I was walking more than a mile in them, so they stayed at home for a more suitable occasion.



Cuddle Up: Fifty Plus Style


What do you wear on a winter sun holiday? When you are only hopping over to the Costa Del Sol, it pays to be prepared for all weathers.  Last week, we had one cold day amongst all the sunshine,  but luckily I’d packed a cuddly sweater and gilet which kept me warm and cosy.  I try to stick to a colour scheme when packing, so blue with my thing for February.  The sweater is M&S, gilet Uniqlo (these are light as a feather and pack so easily), jeans M&S, trainers Hi Tech, bag Debenhams.

Christine x


Fifty Plus Style: Dinner at a Country Pub

Tonight we’re eating at The Pheasant in Burwardsley.  I want to make a bit of an effort because I don’t have the opportunity to dress up that often, but by the same token , it’s a pub meal with friends so I can’t be too glammed up either.


I’m wearing a skirt from Monsoon which I bought about five years ago for £40 or so.  It’s been a useful buy as I’ve worn it with a variety of tops and it can be dressed up or down. It has a double layer of silk and chiffon so it’s very swishy which I love! The sweater is baby soft wool and is from the Debenhams ‘Collection’ range. It was £40 I think. It’s very comfortable and washes well, but the sequins have dropped off over time and I don’t think it will see another going out season.  It won’t be binned though, as I can wear it with my black jeans to knock about in.

I love the shiny knee high boots which I bought from a traditional independent shoe shop in Handbridge Chester called Alec Edwards Shoes http://www.alecedwardsshoeschester.co.uk/.  It’s worth a visit as they have some fabulous finds.  I think they were £55.



My black leather jacket is from Lakeland and cost £160 a couple of years ago.  I was having a bit of a sparkly moment when I bought it, and in some ways think I should have gone for a plain jacket.  It’s butter soft though and as long as I don’t try and go for a full on goth look, I can get away with the studs!

The bag is a Jane Shilton and is another of my charity shop finds.  I may have paid £2 for it.

I love clothes and I’m having fun sharing my wardrobe with you!