Weight Watchers Four Week Total Loss 6.5 lb

This week I lost another one and a half pounds, so I’ve lost just shy of half a stone in time for my holiday to NYC which starts bright and early tomorrow morning.  This means I can fit into my evening trousers (yay!) and will feel more comfortable in my clothes while I’m away.  I thought it was going to be good news at the weigh in because I noticed that my normal jeans are embarrassingly baggy around the bum and will have to be consigned to the charity bin.  Now, I realise that this could be false optimism, as five days in NYC could land me right back where I started, but there will be lots of walking to mitigate the effects of cocktails, bagels and the odd Krispy Kreme.


Weight Watchers: Week Four

I’m into my fourth week now with Weight Watchers and total lost is five pounds.  I’m making slow and steady progress and I’m still eating carbs and butter.  Don’t get me wrong, this is no picnic, as there has been no chocolate, cake or pudding in the house, but it doesn’t feel at all faddy and I’m coping well.

My staple dinner has been seabass or salmon with roast vegetables, which allows me to have carbs at breakfast and lunch without going over my limit.  I know I could lose more if I kicked the butter into touch, but I’m finding it hard to give up as I love it so much.

The other obvious swap would be to have tea and coffee without skimmed milk.  I drink lots of cuppas and could save loads of calories on this.  One step at a time though, maybe that’s a thought for next week.

Christine x



Chocolate Chia Pudding


I can hear you saying ‘that looks minging’ but trust me on this one, it tastes fab!  It has a spoonful missing already because I forgot to take a photo before I dug in!

I’ve been adding chia seeds to my porridge for a while and wondering what else to do with them.  I stumbled across this recipe on Facebook and it really couldn’t be easier.  It makes a lovely satisfying chocolate pud.  Chia seeds are said to have lots of health benefits. They are rich in Omega 3 which is key to maintaining a healthy cholesterol and are a protein, so keep you fuller for longer than carbs.


One jar with a lid – I used a Kilner jar

One and a quarter cups of coconut milk (the drink you get in cartons)

One tablespoon of maple syrup (don’t skimp on the quality)

Three tablespoons of cocoa powder (again, use the proper stuff)

A quarter of a cup of chia seeds (they sell them in Holland & Barrett)

A quarter of a teaspoon of salt (this brings out the flavour of the chocolate I believe)



Put the lid on the jar and shake it, then put it in the fridge for four hours, or overnight.  That’s it.  A little miracle.

Let me know if you give it a go.





I May Not Be Skinny But I’m Strong

As regular readers of my blog will know, I struggle to lose those pounds or even maintain my weight.  Despite healthy eating and exercise, that needle on the scales will just not budge! Well, except in the wrong direction! However, I’ll say one thing.  I am strong! I’m sturdy as an ox and super flexible thanks to yoga, dance classes and walking. I also feel fantastically healthy, so you can’t knock that, can you. Periodically I just say ‘stuff it’ and think I’m going to have that cake, chocolate or glass of wine, but mostly I stick to loads of veg, fruit, protein and healthy carbs. At almost 55 I wonder whether this will ever change.  Will some miracle happen post menopause that kicks in my skinny gene? Will I suddenly learn not to be so hungry? Who knows.  I guess I just have to be accepting of the fact that I’m not only alive and kicking, but feeling great

Christine x


Chia, Dates and Figs

We’re making a few changes here in Dodd Towers, going for a more plant based and adventurous way of eating. These are the new foods making it onto the shopping list


  1. Chia seeds.  I’ve read lots about chia seeds so am giving them a go on my porridge for starters, then I’ll move on to adding them to recipes in time.  The Latin name is Salvia hispanica, genus lamiaceae (same as mint) and it’s said to have been cultivated by the Aztecs.  The seeds are rich in omega 3 and are said to help lower blood pressure and to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.  You can buy them in Holland & Barrett.
  2. Dates.  Well these are not new, as I’ve always been partial to a date out of those long boxes with a camel on the front.  This time though, they are replacing sweet treats for when I get the munchies.  The Latin name is Phoenix dactylifera. They are nutrient dense and full of fibre.
  3. Figs.  I love fresh figs, but until Tenerife last month, had not really appreciated how nice dried figs are, especially when eaten with salty cheese.  I saw these in the supermarket and thought I’d give them a try.  Latin name Ficus carica, they are a good source of potassium and fibre.  Good for maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

This is just the start! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Christine x



A Healthy Start To January

I’m not doing New Year resolutions this year, but I am making a few healthy tweaks here and there, with the intent to build them, brick by brick into a better lifestyle.


One week in and this is how I’ve done:

  • I bought The Times on Saturday then sat and read it properly, with a cuppa and no TV in the background and no multi-tasking.  Intention: to relax without gadgets.
  • I snacked on Medjool dates instead of chocolate. Intention: healthier snacking and trying new foods, inspired by Ella Woodward.
  • I tweaked my blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter name.  Intention: to be a better blogger, inspired by A Cornish Mum @stevie_couch
  • I practised yoga at home every day (on top of my usual yoga class). Intention: to deepen my practice.
  • I did a NIA class.  This is a mix of dance, yoga and martial arts which I have not done in about 12 months.  Intention: to switch up my aerobic routine.
  • I used my new phone to record choir practice.  Intention: to learn my words before it becomes critical.
  • I ate sitting at the table, with no TV or magazine.  Intention: to give my food my full attention, inspired my Amelia Freer.
  • I Kondoed my sock drawer, my t-shirts, my workout gear and my linen cupboard.  Very satisfying.  Inspired by an article in the Times about Marie Kondo, the newest ‘thing’ which to you and me is otherwise known as tidying. Intention: to create order and calm.
  • I swapped at least one cup of tea per day for green tea, and ordered green tea instead of cappuccino after my dance class.
  • I drank no alcohol.  Intention: Don’t need it, so why have empty calories?

Not a bad start.  How’s everyone else doing?

Experimenting With New Foods

One of the things I’d like to do in 2016, is experiment with new foods, and challenge my perceptions of what I do and don’t like.

Right now I particularly dislike mushrooms, but then I thought the same about olives until I was 40 and now I love them.  Mushrooms look so gorgeous in markets that I really should give them a go.


I have been given some lovely new healthy eating cookbooks for Christmas, and there are lots of interesting ideas for incorporating them in recipes. Plus they are so good for you.

There are also some wonderful vegetables out there that will also be on the menu, as well as different grains to try.  Quinoa or buckwheat anyone?

I don’t mind giving anything a go once (well, maybe not deep fried Mars bar or raw meat) but within reason, I’m willing!

So come on Nigella, Ella and Jamie – gimme what you’ve got! I’m game.

Christmas Leftovers Minestrone

Today I’m defrosting the freezer and clearing the fridge in preparation for a food shop tomorrow. I wanted rid of the leftovers, so I made a big pan of minestrone which we’ve just had for lunch.  I have to say it tastes pretty damn good.


This is what went in:

Olive oil





Sweat all this lot together then add


Leftover honey roast ham

Swiss bouillon powder


Tub of home made tomato puree from our 2015 tomato crop

Tiny pasta shells

Boiling water from the kettle

Easy peasy!  Enough left for lunch tomorrow too.   I’ve never put sprouts in soup before so I was a bit dubious, but as I only cooked it until the pasta softened (about ten mins) it worked brilliantly.  No measurements as usual, I just chuck it all in and hope for the best.





Porridge Cravings

Who knew that a bowl of porridge would be the thing to de-rail me?  This morning I positively craved porridge.  I had it with almond milk, seeds, banana and honey.  All banned for the first 28 days on the KSFL plan!  I just couldn’t face another egg at breakfast time.DSCF1184Still, now I’ve got that out of my system I feel great!   I’m not going to carry on in that ‘oh well I’ve blown it’ frame of mind though.  It’ll be a green juice for lunch and poached salmon with a big salad for dinner.

So it seems that my amazing fat loss will be delayed while I go round the block a few times.  I’ll get there, I promise!

My Motivation Has Gone AWOL



After a few weeks of positive thinking, getting back into the running, eating lots of lovely fruit and veg etc. all of a sudden my motivation has disappeared.  I feel bad about it but cannot clamber back onto the rails.

I’m trying to work out what’s gone wrong and I think it stems from a break in routine which started with missing a class at gym, then skipping a healthy lunch in favour of a steak pie, and it’s all gone down hill from there on.  On the other hand, the weather has been dismal and cold so that could be affecting my mood too.

I need to jump start my motivation but have absolutely no idea how to do it. Last time I had a reboot was on holiday in January, when I read lots of inspiring articles and really got into it.

Each day I start off with porridge, seeds and honey and tell myself that today is going to be a good health day.  It starts to go wrong at lunchtime when I’m faced with the healthy green soup I’ve made, but just don’t want to eat, so I have a slab of bread and butter to go with it.  So why are you buying bread? I can hear you ask.  Good point.  I don’t know.  I get to the supermarket with a list and then just ignore it.

It’s obvious to me, reading this back, that I have no willpower.  Am I really waiting for another wake up call before I address the issue?

I regularly think about going to Slimming World or Weight Watchers, but the couple of times I’ve tried it I’ve only lasted a week or two as I really don’t like this sitting round in a circle stuff.

I’ve read every diet book under the sun and often buy a new one in the vain hope that it will have the magical answer.  I already know what the answer is, move more and eat less!

Right.  That’s enough moaning.  Let’s have some action.  Would it help if I made myself accountable to someone?  You maybe?  What if I wrote about my plans and how they’re going?  I’m not going to document my weight because I’m too ashamed to tell you.  Let’s go with this as a plan:

  1. Any fruit and veg is better than none
  2. Any exercise is better than none
  3. Will this food/exercise decision you are about to make take you nearer your goal or further away from it?
  4. Make being healthy your priority.  Put it at the top of your ‘to do’ list.
  5. You are OK now, being healthier will simply improve things, not turn you from a bad person into a good person.
  6. Biscuits are not a ‘treat’ for your body
  7. If you could ask your body what it wanted, instead of your brain, would it really say chocolate?
  8. Are you really hungry or just bored?
  9. Take one day at a time and don’t write off the whole week because of one bad day.
  10. Don’t wait ’til Monday, or April, or after your holidays, or after the summer, or after Christmas, or next year to start! Start right now!!