Baobab – The Latest Superfood


Never one to let the grass grow under my feet, I was very happy when Holland & Barrett sent me a tub of baobab to try out.  It seems to be the latest superfood to hit the market with its high vitamin C content making it ideal for supporting your immune system and boosting energy.

The taste is citrus, but with an almost sherbet like quality.  It works well in freshly juiced carrot and orange, although it is a bit on the sweet side. I’m sure it would work equally well with tropical fruit.

Apart from vitamin C, it has high levels of iron, fibre and B vitamins so it’s a good all rounder. I’ve not tried to cook with it yet, but I understand that you can make jams and chutneys because of the pectin it contains.

My next experiment will be to add it to a green veggie juice to take the edge off the sweetness.

Anyone have any great recipes I can try?

Christine x


Chia, Dates and Figs

We’re making a few changes here in Dodd Towers, going for a more plant based and adventurous way of eating. These are the new foods making it onto the shopping list


  1. Chia seeds.  I’ve read lots about chia seeds so am giving them a go on my porridge for starters, then I’ll move on to adding them to recipes in time.  The Latin name is Salvia hispanica, genus lamiaceae (same as mint) and it’s said to have been cultivated by the Aztecs.  The seeds are rich in omega 3 and are said to help lower blood pressure and to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.  You can buy them in Holland & Barrett.
  2. Dates.  Well these are not new, as I’ve always been partial to a date out of those long boxes with a camel on the front.  This time though, they are replacing sweet treats for when I get the munchies.  The Latin name is Phoenix dactylifera. They are nutrient dense and full of fibre.
  3. Figs.  I love fresh figs, but until Tenerife last month, had not really appreciated how nice dried figs are, especially when eaten with salty cheese.  I saw these in the supermarket and thought I’d give them a try.  Latin name Ficus carica, they are a good source of potassium and fibre.  Good for maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

This is just the start! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Christine x



Beauty Kitchen Inspire Me: Review

This week I’ve been trying out a trio of products from Beauty Kitchen’s Inspire Me Brightening & Toning range which came as part of a prize bundle I won with Holland & Barrett.


Inspire Me Body Polish

This is my favourite of the three.  It comes in a cute little kilner jar which looks good in the bathroom.  It contains detoxing Himalayan pink mineral salt, a blend of carrier oils, including sweet almond and grapeseed as well as the all important essential oils: orange, sage, may chang, lemongrass, spearmint, basil, grapefruit and sweet fennel.  These oils have been chosen for their toning and detoxifying qualities and when you slather on the contents, it does have a bit of a spa experience feel about it.  I make something similar to this myself with ginger and lime essential oils and I enjoy using this type of scrub.  If I have one criticism of this product, then it would be the mess the green bits make in the bath, but I’m being picky.



Inspire Me Body Wash

The body wash contains the same essential oils as the polish, but the carrier is water rather than oil based and contains algae oil derivatives.  The instructions on the bottle are to lather up using a sponge, inhale oils, and rinse.  Of all the products , this is the strongest smelling and I think the may chang and lemongrass (which smell very similar) overpower the other essential oils.  That said, the smell is fresh and invigorating, and smell is all down to personal preference.

Inspire Me Body Oil

I like this product on a number of levels.  Firstly, the blue glass jar with a long dropper.  It looks good and, always a bonus for me,  it can be re-used for my own potions.  Secondly, the oil is not too thick and applies and absorbs very easily.  Thirdly, this feels like a luxury product which again gives me the ‘spa’ feel that I enjoy.   It contains the same essential oils as the others in a mix of carrier oils.

This is a great set of products to use when you are having a detox day.  The essential oils they contain improve circulation and have a detoxifying and stimulant effect on the body.  Interestingly, lemongrass is the oil most recommended for jet lag, so if you need a pick me up after a flight, this should do the trick!

They contain no parabens, no sulphates, no synthetic fragrance and are made in the UK.

PS  I’ll be reviewing the other products in the prize bundle soon.