Weight Watchers: Week One


I’m sure you’re used to me by now, with my latest plans to lose weight, get fit and generally morph into a Celtic Goddess in time for my summer holidays. It’s been my goal for thirty odd years now, some years executed more successfully than others.  Well you’ll be pleased to know that nothing has changed this year except that it’s the same objective, new strategy. Age has not diminished my desire to be size 10, run a 10k, be like Elle Macpherson etc.  If you ignore the fact that I’m only 5ft 3 with a tendency to run to fat and a dicky ticker, this should be no problem right?

I thought so too. So full of enthusiasm, determination and a ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ attitude, I joined Weight Watchers and signed up for a month. The teacher is lovely, and nodded encouragingly when I said ‘I’m doing this for me because I’m worth it’ like she hadn’t already heard that line a thousand times.

WW is not just counting calories, instead, you count points which are geared towards making healthy choices. You are given loads of literature to help you and most importantly you are weighed every week, so you are accountable.

Now, obviously I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh: a lady has to have some secrets, but I’ll keep you posted with how I get on!



Fat Crisis


Absolutely mortified to get on the scales this morning and find I have put on even more weight! No surprise really, as last week I put all my effort and energy into my Scones For SCAD coffee morning and forgot to concentrate on my own health and wellbeing.

On Wednesday I was feeling tired and  so ‘treated’ myself to a family bag of Minstrels and scoffed the lot. Quite when I’m going to get the message that treating my body involves nourishment, not crap, I don’t know.

What I do know, is that when I’m tired, I take my eye of the ball with healthy eating and the fruit languishes in the bowl, eyeing me hatefully.  The chocolate and biscuits disappear at an alarming rate.

So, here we are again, in crisis, beating myself up, full of self loathing,  hating my body and wondering what the hell to do about it.

At least I can get in the garden now that Spring is upon us and get my backside off the sofa!

Christine x

I Threw Away The Scales And Guess What?

…..I put on half a stone.  Yes seriously ladies, do not try this method, it DOES NOT WORK.

I gave it a go after Steve berated me for jumping on the scales every morning and having my day governed by the result.  Lost a pound? Good day.  Gained a pound? I am a useless waste of space.  I’m sure many of you know how this works.


So, if you’ve been following my blog this year, you’ll know I’ve tried all sorts of things with varying degrees of success.

Do I know how I’m going to tackle this? Not right now.  But you can be sure that it will be top of my agenda in 2016.  Watch this space to see if I can find the answer!

Giving Up. Anyone Looking For A Frock?

Having tried so hard to get to a healthy weight and achieved just a couple of pounds weight loss, today I’m wondering why I’m bothering, and thinking I should just give up.  I’ve been feeling like this for a few days and yesterday did a sweep of my wardrobe and piled a whole load of dresses (one never worn) ready to take to the charity shop, accepting that I’m never going to get into them again. I don’t know why my motivation wavers so much, as I have really good health reasons for needing to get the weight off, but I really cannot get my act together.  Why is it so blimmin’ hard? Answers on a postcard please……..

PS anyone looking for an evening dress in size 10 or 12 ask me now, before I take them to the charity shop!  The one pictured is from Coast, size 10.  You’re welcome to it!queen elizabeth 2012 014

Making The Right Food Choices

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to fully understand why I constantly make the wrong food choices, or why I always seem to be hungry, but the penny seems to be dropping at last.


Let’s take today for example.  I had a healthy breakfast of porridge made with almond milk, a tablespoon of seeds, a handful of blueberries and a teaspoon of honey.  So far so good.

This morning I was accompanying a relative to a hospital appointment and gave absolutely no thought to lunch.  As you would expect, the appointment was a good hour late, lunchtime came and went, and I was hungry with a capital H.  Normally this would signal a quick trip to the hospital café to buy a sandwich, but today, for some reason I fought against this quick fix impulse and waited.

Now, my heart doesn’t like me being hungry, and tends to jump about a bit as a reminder for me to eat, but no matter, I persevered until I got to a proper shop where I bought some pre-cooked beetroot, some smoked salmon and a banana.  Quick and tasty. So now I have a happy heart and hunger is abated.

So what’s the lesson here?  Planning!  Why didn’t I just take a banana in my handbag? So, using this lesson as a guide, I looked back at the rest of my dodgy food choices this week

  • a burger at Tatton park (excuse – couldn’t find anything healthy)
  • toast and jam (excuse – nothing in the fridge)
  • bread and Philadelphia cheese (excuse – had forgotten to get food in for lunch and the corner shop had  virtually nothing healthy)
  • a 99 from the ice cream man – (excuse – had nothing healthy in for pudding)
  • a scone and jam with clotted cream – (I was out and it was lunchtime and couldn’t see anything healthy in the café)

It seems to me that eating in the middle of the day is the biggest hurdle: -breakfast is always the same and planned for, dinner is planned each weekend for the following week, but lunch is left in the lap of the gods – which leads to all sorts of trouble.

So this week I’m going to plan my lunches as carefully as my other meals so that I avoid being hungry and choosing the wrong thing.  Quite often I’m out during the day so I need to find portable choices that don’t take too much prep. Better get those recipe books out.

Clean Eating Progress Week Three: It’s All Going Wrong

End of week three and I’m in a bit of bother.  After the euphoria of the wedding and concert last weekend, my energy levels have been rock bottom and today I’ve woken up full of cold.  The slippery slope started on Wednesday when, feeling tired, I succumbed to a piece of toast with jam and butter in M&S Café and it’s been downhill all the way since, eating two gingerbread wedding favours (yes, two), chocolate and cake.

So, this morning, not only do I have a cold, but my heart is misbehaving too.  The last couple of weeks my heart has been pretty stable, so I’m guessing it’s the sugar hit that’s causing the trouble.  At least it bears out the theory that I need to ditch the sugar.

So enough feeling sorry for myself, what am I going to do to get back on track?  Well, I have some cod for dinner tonight which I’ll have with roasted veg, and I have the ingredients to make some more of this slaw that I had earlier in the week. Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it to get my head in the right space again!


Eating Clean Week Two Progress

Week two, another pound down (six pounds in total) so I’m very pleased, especially considering this fortnight has included a hen party and a wedding, with two indulgent overnight hotel stays.

Seabass with roasted veg
Seabass with roasted veg

I’m not going to say I’ve been cheating, but I have obviously adapted the KSFL plan to my lifestyle and going forward this is how I want my weight loss plan to continue:

  • I’m loving the variety of vegetables I’m eating and this is a keeper.
  • I aim to try a new vegetable dish each week.
  • Cooking from scratch? Love it.
  • Sugar – well, I’m not giving up honey, but happy to say goodbye to processed sugars.
  • Potatoes? Don’t miss ’em.
  • Bread? Surprisingly not missed it.
  • Porridge, seeds and nuts – no way am I cutting these out.  I love them.
  • Dairy.  A bit of a compromise here.  The only milk I want is with my morning (decaff) PG Tips – happy for all other drinks to be milk free.  Don’t miss cheese or cream.
  • Chocolate? Green and Black’s 85% will appear on my menu.
  • Alcohol? A couple of drinks a week as per usual will feature.  White or red wine and the occasional cognac.
  • Puddings, cakes, biscuits? Haven’t missed them.
  • Fruit – in week two, craving sweetness I’ve eaten strawberries and blueberries.  Fruit is coming back on the menu.
  • Holland & Barrett is my new friend – finding lots of foodie things there to experiment with.
  • Fish is appearing much more frequently on the menu.
  • I’m reading lots of clean eating blogs for inspiration.

I accept that this will slow my weight loss, but I’m actually now only two pounds away from being in the ‘normal’ weight category for my height.  As for exercise, I’ll continue with yoga, Zumba, Pilates, swimming and walking, but running and HIIT has to go as I’ve had to come to terms with my heart related limitations.  Palpitations and strenuous exercise don’t mix.

Let’s see what next week brings!